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We have a range of industrial embroidery machines on site, which run in conjunction with our design software to create the perfect embroidered logos and text. We can produce intricate details with our machines in up to 15 colours per design. Our machines can embroider up to 1200 stitches per minute.

All of our products are embroidered using our hooping system, and so it is impossible to embroider some items which are either too small or too thick to be hooped up, but we are happy to advise you if you are unsure of the suitability of your item.

In order to produce any embroidery, the machines have to have the chosen design sent to their database in a specific format. To convert logo's or text to the thousands of stitches required, we use top of the range design software and qualified staff to create the format required. Which can be a time consuming process. For all design work of this nature a charge is necessary, but at the workwear company we try to keep this to a minimum level.

Embroidery is especially suitable for long lasting corporate and work wear, and items such as fleece or dressing gown material, also for club and organisation wear, school uniform, caps, bags and other items which need branding and need to be long lasting and professional.

  • Wren Ladies Poloshirt Thumbnail
  • Two Tone Poloshirt Thumbnail
  • Hi-vis polo shirt (SA22075) Thumbnail
  • Osprey Deluxe Poloshirt Thumbnail
  • Klassic polo women's with Superwash® 60°C (classic fit) Thumbnail
  • Women's polo Thumbnail
  • Men's polo Thumbnail
  • Klassic polo with Superwash® 60°C (classic fit) Thumbnail
  • Avocet Two Tone Polyester Poloshirt Thumbnail
  • Crane Contrast Poloshirt Thumbnail
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