Sublimation Information



By using the sublimation printing technique we ensure our personalised gifts are both vibrant and accurate but also extremely practical and user friendly. The process requires specialist ink and paper and a range of industrial heat presses, to apply the print onto specifically manufactured polyester coated products. For this reason the products we can personalise are limited to items which have this coating applied during the manufacturing process, which are included in our Personally Gifted Range. The photograph or image you have chosen to personalise your item with, is scanned into our

computer. We then produce a print ready design using templates for each item. The print is then produced using the sublimation paper and ink, and the product is air blasted to ensure no dust

particles are present during the printing process. The item is then heated for a specific amount of time, (this varies according to the chosen item) under extreme pressure in one of our industrial heat presses. Now the clever bit!

When the ink is heated it changes to a gas and is actually absorbed by the specialist coating on the product. This means the print has now become part of the item and is not just simply a transfer or wet ink print which lies on top.

This is why we are so confident in our products. All products can be used for the purpose they were manufactured. Many of our items are completely dishwasher proof or washing machine safe; meaning you really do get a very useful item which will last extremely well The sublimation printing technique is excellent for full colour prints, drawings and paintings and

complex designs. As long as we have a good quality image to work from the finished result will be superb. This technique is used to produce the bulk of our personalised printed gifts from mugs and mouse mats, to chopping boards, coasters and hand bags. We also produce sublimation printed garments

which are excellent value for money when requiring a full colour print.

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